Bittong Wins at UCMMA 27

by / Tuesday, 19 March 2013 / Published in News

The main event of the evening was vastly a grappling bout as ‘Big’ Ben Smith and Neil ‘King Kong’ Bittong spent much of their fight on the ground wrestling for position. Both fighters came out cautious, but it was Smith who threw a combo of punches to back the American against the cage and secure the takedown.

Bittong managed to scramble back to his feet and fire off a straight right, before shooting for a takedown of his own. Smith was able to quickly work his way back to his feet and press his opponent up against the fence.

After a double leg takedown by Smith, the rest of the round played out on the ground with Smith delivering short compact elbows to his opponent’s head and attacking the body with a number of well calculated punches.

The second round started as an almost replica of the first, and just as both fighters made it back to their feet mid-way through the round, Bittong fired off a couple of big knees to his opponents mid-section which looked to cause to some damage. Smith managed to drag Bittong back down to the mat, once there Smith passed to side control, where Bittong was able to get back to his feet. Looking tired Smith shot for a take down, which Bittong stuffed. Striking hard on a grounded Smith, Bittong was able to take his opponent’s back. Smith tried desperately to evade the choke, but Bittong was relentless in his attack and locked in a rear-naked choke forcing the tap with just 29 seconds left in the round.

Asked who he would like to fight next Bittong replied: “I would like a rematch against Ian Martell. You owe me that.”

Ian Martell who was in attendance and brought into the cage post fight responded: I’ve beat you once, I’ll beat you again. Let’s get it on.

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