Diesel MMA on London KO Show

by / Tuesday, 19 March 2013 / Published in News

On the London KO show 4 Diesel Warriors stepped out for MMA action in both Semi Pro and Pro rules

first out was Chris ‘Abs’ Cruze (Semi Pro)

Chris starts off fast with a beautiful Anderson Silva esque front kick to the face which lands but his opponent shoots in and looks for the Guillotine. Chris defends well as his opponent transitions and looks for Darce choke which he eventually manages to get on tight and force the tap out

Next out is Ian Peters in another Semi Pro match. Again a quick start as both guys circle – both guys throwing leather – Ian lands a sold shot on his opponenet which clearly rocks him and then pins him to the cage with a barrage of hands which force a stoppage from the Ref and a TKO win for the Diesel Warrior.

Jamie was up next in a Pro Rules fight vs an absolute monster of a man!

Its clear his opponent want to use his size to pin Jamie down with an attempted side choke but Jamie keeps cool, managing to stun his opponent in the 2nd round with a big punch and then leaping on him but unable to finish it, In the 3rd round its pretty even and it goes to the scorecards, however with a 1 point deduction (opponent ‘lost’ mouthguard in between rounds for almost 5 or 6 minutes) it makes it a clear win for Jamie.

In the final fight of the night Karl o Brien takes on Semtex Gyms Matt Robinson for the KO Middleweight Title.

Matt the more experienced fighter (the current Ringmasters MMA tournament champion) but Karl dominates from the start with good top game – raining down punches and avoiding the multiple triangle attempts. with 2 rounds in the bag Karl keeps the pace up in the 3rd but as he charges in Matt avoids and lands a strong punch which drops Karl and forces the stoppage.

A really good night with everyone taking away lessons from their fights win or lose


Chris Cruze - Diesel Gym


Ian Peters - Diesel Gym


Jamie Scott (right) - Diesel Gym


Karl (on top) - Diesel Gym


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