Kru Cliff Bura


Kru Cliff is the founder/owner of the Diesel Gym and Head Coach. He has been involved in martial arts for 30 years, and has studied a wide selection of disciplines from around the world.His study of muay Thai has taken him to many camps in many countries, however his key influence is the world-renowned Master Sken Kaewpundang.

It is with Master Sken’s blessing and guidance that the London Sitnarong Camp (later to become the Diesel Muay Thai Team) was first opened in 2003. Kru Cliff continues to train with Master Sken, and continually strives to pass on his great instructor’s teachings and philosophy.

Kru Cliff is always happy to teach muay Thai to anyone who shows respect for the art and the camp. He trains students at all levels, from people who are interested in general fitness to those to wish to train at a competitive level. He is responsible for all aspects of Diesel Gym and takes an active role in ensuring that the quality of its coaching is maintained to the highest standards.

Kru Cliff: 07765 243012 or email:

Jamie Scott

Gym Manager & Head 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu coach

Jamie Scott was born and raised in East London. He is a lifelong martial artist, having dabbled in boxing and karate as a kid. During his preparation for a professional MMA bout, Jamie experimented with the rubber guard, which led him to the 10th Planet system. After winning the contest, Jamie sought out Eddie Bravo, the creator, and head of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, based in Los Angeles.

In February 2014, Jamie was granted his Blue Belt by Eddie Bravo and was given permission to open up 10th Planet London, the first and only 10th Planet school in the capital. Since then, Jamie has been tirelessly building the UK's premiere no-gi team, in addition to hosting the only free open mat in London, which takes place every Saturday morning.

Jamie was promoted to the rank of Brown Belt in May 2016 by Geo and Richie Martinez, on behalf of Eddie Bravo. He is also active as a competitor, having featured on the Newaza Challenge and Polaris.

In addition to his heavy pressure passing and catch wrestling-esque style of grappling, Jamie strongly endorses the submission-only movement and is also one of the most experienced and technically proficient leg-lock experts in the UK.

Tom Wincott

Head MMA Coach

Tom Wincott grew up in Hackney, East London. Fighting was always in his blood, having boxed in his younger years. Tom then met Jamie and the two started to train and compete together. Tom now sports a 6-1 professional MMA record and has won the WFC and UCMMA Welterweight Champion. He is renowned for his heavy hands and potent guillotine choke.

Peter Gieral

Wrestling Coach

Peter is our resident wrestling coach. 11 times national Polish freestyle wrestling champion he has wealth of knowledge and experience.

Arnas Tatarunas

Muay Thai Fight Team Manager

Arnas a successful muay thai fighter is his own right with numerous titles including the English Title.

He also manages Diesel’s muay thai fight team.

Jenny Claff

Women's Muay Thai Coach

Jennie began an interest in fitness at a young age leading her to become a qualified fitness instructor. At that time she discovered martial arts, in particular Muay Thai. Over the course of her 15 years training, she has been fortunate enough to train with Grand Master Woody and Master A (the first pioneers to bring Muay Thai to Europe). She has also had the opportunity to train at several gyms in Bangkok. As one of the original members of Diesel Gym, Jennie continues to train regularly, having spent the last few years competing in both amateur and professional fights. Her passion for Thai Boxing has led her to specialise in martial arts based fitness. Having received a degree in Teaching, Jennie spent time in America teaching martial arts based fitness to young adults from disadvantaged and dysfunctional backgrounds. Jennie now teaches the Ladies Muay Thai class which focuses on resistance training, cardio work and Muay Thai technique.

Leon Markham-Lee

Muay Thai Coach

Leon has been part of the Diesel Gym family since 2009. As a competitor on the Muay Thai circuit he competed in both amateur and professional bouts 14 times. Leon has been teaching the Diesel Gym children and youth Muay Thai team since 2011. He also keeps himself busy for Diesel behind the scenes helping with gym events and matching the fighters. Since 1993 at aged 13 his previous martial arts experience includes: - Competitor at Staunch Gym and TKO Gym - 1st Degree Black belt Dragon Martial Arts School in Essex. Other qualifications include : Level 2 Gym Health and Fitness Level 3 Personal Trainer Health and Fitness Kettlebells Qualification Circuits Qualification

Kru Thoetthai “Uncle Thai” Srikrotriam

Muay Thai Coach

Thai is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He started boxing at the age of 9 in his hometown of Suratthani in South Thailand. During his career as a boxer, which lasted 20 years, he fought about 200 times in three weight categories winning over two thirds of his fights. He also became Northern Thailand Flyweight Boxing Champion during the 1980s.

In South Thailand he fought as “Terd Thai Sor Sing Muslim”, in Bangkok and North East Thailand as “Terd Thai Sit Sor Wor Por” and in North Thailand as “Terd Thai Gi-et Pra Wit”.

During his career he fought many great fighters such as:

WBC Champion Muang Chai Khittigasame Taptim Noi Pinprasert
Northern Champion Preuk-s-chart Sor Gan Kaset
Southern Champion Gwang Thong Gi-et Sing Noi
Kwon Ka Non Gi-et Sing Noi
Ratanasak Davy (Brother of Nokweed.)
After retiring from fighting Thai became the Resident Manager for The Spa Resort in Koh Samui and during that time qualified as a Spa Manager; in Royal Thai Massage, Reflexology and as a Thai Massage Examiner. He incorporates his knowledge of healthy food and healthy living into his coaching.

For 1-2-1 classes with Thai contact kru Cliff to arrange on either or 07765 24301

Francis Maina

Muay Thai Coach

Diesel’s very own “Buffalo Soldier” has fought around the world and is harnessing an ever growing reputation. He recently won the Ringmasters tournament, the UKMF -59KG English Title and ISKA European Title.

Luca Caputo

Profile to follow

Chali Bassinah

Ladies Coach

Chali joined Diesel as a complete novice and in less than 2 years won the IKF English Ladies 63kg title and IKBF British 61.5kg Title. She now holds the regular “ladies only” class on Saturday afternoon as well as helping out in the general classes.

Kru Noel ‘Sweatsuit’ Walsh

Muay Thai Coach

He has been involved in martial arts from a early age, starting in karate. From there he trained in kickboxing for a number of years, both training, helping to teach and also fighting. However he found his ‘home’ when he was taken to Thailand about 10 years ago.

“….from the moment I walked into Lumpinee and saw my first live Muay Thai fight, I knew that was what I wanted to do!”

“I have always trained in Muay Thai under Kru Cliff in this country, and travel constantly to Thailand, at least two or three times a year training mainly at my personal favourite gym over there, Jitti’s”

“I tend to focus on a technical Thai style and prepare the fighter/s for competition. In keeping with the Diesel way of things, we train hard, but with humour and a family atmosphere where respect and team spirit are paramount.”