Personal Training 1-2-1

Whatever you want from your training, you’ll get it faster with one-to-one classes.

Personal training is tailored specifically to the student’s individual needs, meaning they’ll improve at an accelerated rate. The intensity of the training plus the one-to-one supervision means technique can be refined and mistakes corrected straight away.

Private classes start from £40 per hour session with one of our expert Instructors in either MMA, BJJ or Muay Thai.

Doing private lessons in pairs is a great way to save on the cost and still get the personal attention of a private session. Find a buddy and sign up now for only £25 per person per hour!

For enquiries about private Muay Thai and MMA lessons contact:

Kru Cliff on: 07765 243012 or email:

For enquires about private western pro or amateur BOXING lessons contact:

Warren Barnes on: 07539 939486 or email:

For enquiries about private 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu classes contact:

Jaimie Scott on 07867 392742

Personal Training 1-2-1

1-2-2 classes

For more info on Diesels 1-2-2 classes, please contact us directly.