Salih wins at UCMMA 29

by / Tuesday, 19 March 2013 / Published in News

Salih Kulucan warmed up for his title fight on UKO on 24th June, by fighting on the big show. UCMMA 28 at the Troxy took place on 26th May and Salih filled in for injured Andy McEwan fighting Steve Steve Brazier from House of Pain at Bantamweight.

Round 1:
Kulucan comes out and goes straight for the takedown, he completes it but leaves his head in, he’s in no danger and manages to gain side control, Kulucan works a lovely transition into a triangle from the top, he lets it go and leaves himself in full mount, he rolls Brazier over and woks for the kimura but doesn’t complete, he works some gnp but switches into a beautiful armbar late in the round, it’s perfect and fully tweaked but Brazier shows great heart and holds in till the round bell. It’s amazing he didn’t tap from that.

Round 2:
Brazier straight in with the takedown this time but doesn’t quite complete and Kulucan ends up on top, Kulucan is showing tremendous skill smoothly transitioning round and working many positions, there is attempt from north south but doesn’t come off and Kulucan works round into side control, then full mount where he sees the round out.

Kulucan has completely dominated Braizer for two rounds, he will need to pull off something big in the third.

Round 3:
Again Kulucan takes it down quickly, they both work back to the feet breifly before it hits the mat again, Kulucan finds himself In a dominate position, postures up and throws some big shots, Kulucan takes Braziers back and sinks in the RNC and it’s all over.

Salih Kulucan def Steve Brazier via RNC at 2:45 of round three

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