Spencer wins on his debut (MMA)

by / Tuesday, 19 March 2013 / Published in News

spencer morley - Diesel Gym London   Absolute Adrelanine – Sucker Punch, December 2008

This one was an absolute war from start to finish. Both men could hit and both wanted a stoppage one way or the other.

Spencer Morley (‘Diesel Gym, London) looked outgunned initially by the heavy hitting Paul Rocha but soon found his own punch as they traded in the middle of the ring. The fight went to the floor with both men reversing each others guards on a number of occasions and dishing out punishment.

You had to say that Rocha looked very technical but Morley was intent on causing as much damage as possible. The crowd were on the edge of their seats throughout the blistering pace of the first round and both men returned to their corners marked up.

The second round went much the same way as the first. One man would get side or full mount position only to have that reversed. Rocha looked as though he wanted to stay on his feet and pulled himself up at every opportunity. With the shots flowing the result was up for grabs with every punch and as the round drew to a close a huge cut opened up under Rocha’s eye.

Morley was spurred on by this and came out for the finish, but Rocha seemed to have more left in the tank and met him blow for blow. A knee strike winded Rocha and the right hand that followed sent him to the canvas where Morley ground and pounded him until referee Phil Norman stepped in.

This had been a titanic battle and either man would have deserved the victory. Congratulations to Spencer Morley!

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