July 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a very general set of questions we are frequently asked. If you have any further queries, contact: Kru Cliff on 07765 243012 or email: cliff@dieselgym.co.uk

Our classes are suitable for people of all fitness levels and there is no pressure on you to do something you don't wish to or are not comfortable with. The instructors are there to help and will happily advise you on ways to improve your fitness. The key is not to give up and know that the team are there to support you!

Put yourself – and your health – first and get an OK from your doctor. Thai boxing/MMA is a powerful martial art. Its power is what makes it so effective for strength and stamina – but you should get a once-over from your GP if you have any reservations about your body’s ability to undergo the training. Be safe and seek medical advice if you have joint or muscle problems, lower back pain, respiratory complaints, or conditions such as dizziness, low/high blood pressure or heart problems. Let common sense prevail every time, and see your doctor if you have any other injury or health issue you suspect might affect your training.

A T-shirt with leggings or shorts that allow plenty of movement. It’s advisable to bring a towel with you. Handwraps are recommended – we sell them for very reasonable prices at our Limehouse gym. If you are going to spar, then a gumshield is vital, as is groin protection. We provide gloves and shin guards although you are welcome to bring your own. We also sell water, again, you can bring your own. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not wear jewellery of any sort as vigorous activity can break it, plus it can cause injury to yourself and others. The gym can not be held responsible for the loss/breakage of any valuables.

Although you don’t have to be involved in the full-contact element of muay Thai to enjoy the classes, it is important to remember that there people constantly training/moving around you, as well as a lot of drills where you are required to work with a partner, so the environment is not totally suitable for glasses wearers. We do not stop people training in them, however, as it is the student’s decision in the end. We have a lot of members who use soft contact lenses without a problem. Consult your optician for further advice.

This simply isn’t true and we welcome female members to the club. Our very own Claire Haigh (pictured below) is an excellent fighter, current WMPF World Champion and studies more than one martial art. Our female membership is steadily building and approximately 25% of our active membership are ladies, and we run a women-only class on Sunday morning at our Limehouse gym. We encourage an atmosphere of working together at a level that all participants are comfortable with. Size and gender are not issues at Diesel.