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August 2020
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Meet our world class coaching team.

Cliff Bura


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Cliff founded Diesel Gym in 2008 and has overseen its development in to the internationally recognised institution it is today. He has been involved in martial arts for 40 years, and first started coaching over 30 years ago. He has studied a wide selection of disciplines from around the world. His study of Muay Thai has taken him to many camps in many countries, however his key influence is the world-renowned Master Sken Kaewpundang. It is with Master Sken’s blessing and guidance that the London Sitnarong Camp (later to become the Diesel Muay Thai Team) was first opened in 2003. Cliff is always happy to teach Muay Thai to anyone who shows respect for the art and the camp. He trains students at all levels, from people who are interested in general fitness to those to wish to train at a competitive level. He is responsible for all aspects of Diesel Gym and takes an active role in ensuring that the quality of its coaching is maintained to the highest standards. Contact Cliff: 07765 243012 or email: cliff@dieselgym.co.uk

Jamie Scott

Gym Manager & Head 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu coach

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Jamie Scott was born and raised in East London. He is a lifelong martial artist, having dabbled in boxing and karate as a kid. During his preparation for a professional MMA bout, Jamie experimented with the rubber guard, which led him to the 10th Planet system. After winning the contest, Jamie sought out Eddie Bravo, the creator, and head of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, based in Los Angeles. In February 2014, Jamie was granted his Blue Belt by Eddie Bravo and was given permission to open up 10th Planet London, the first and only 10th Planet school in the capital. Since then, Jamie has been tirelessly building the UK's premiere no-gi team, in addition to hosting the only free open mat in London, which takes place every Saturday morning. Jamie was promoted to the rank of Brown Belt in May 2016 by Geo and Richie Martinez, on behalf of Eddie Bravo. He is also active as a competitor, having featured on the Newaza Challenge and Polaris. In addition to his heavy pressure passing and catch wrestling-esque style of grappling, Jamie strongly endorses the submission-only movement and is also one of the most experienced and technically proficient leg-lock experts in the UK.

Arnas Trumpiskis

Head Muay Thai Coach

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Tom Wincott

Head MMA Coach

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Hailing from Hackney, East London, Tom Wincott made the transition from amateur boxing to MMA under Diesel Gym and Jamie Scott. Now a well-rounded fighter, Tom holds a 6-1 professional MMA record. Renowned for his heavy hands and potent guillotine choke, which has given him most of his victories, Tom is a skilled fighter and coach. He greets each person with a friendly attitude and sense of humour, making learning from him easy and enjoyable. In addition to teaching MMA, Tom also handles Diesel’s famous ‘Iron Beast Circuit’ where fighter and hobbyist alike can really test and build their athleticism by being pushed to their absolute limit. With a good understanding of both fighting and strength and conditioning, Tom is one of the best people to learn under. Tom Wincott’s Accolades and Achievements: • UCMMA Welterweight Champion • WFC Welterweight Champion • Purple Belt in 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

Chris Cruze

Head of Strength & Conditioning

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Sean Harper

10th Planet Coach

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Sean Harper has been with Diesel for 4 years, and in that time he has one numerous gold, silver and bronze medals for the 10th planet team. In addition to being a force to be reckoned with on the local scene, Sean currently boasts a 2-0 record at the TUFF Invitational (the UK and Europe's premier submission-only platform). Sean Harper's Accolades and Accomplishments: Multiple time Gold Medalist Undefeated TUFF grappler Level 3 Personal Trainer

Shaz Nasrin

Muay Thai Coach

Raised in South East London, Shaz has over 15yrs experience in MMA. Originally started traning as an MMA enthusiast, but over the years has fallen deeply in love with teaching Muay Thai. With 10yrs experience just at Diesel Gym, Shaz has been with Diesel from the beginning training with all the great coaches that have taught here over the years. He has fought and competed around the UK and has an amazing record in helping members achieve their weight/confidence/competing goals. Shaz loves his traditional training methods with lots of body conditioning, impact training and sparring regularly incorporated in his classes. Shaz is very approachable and ever happy to offer his time, you will always find him in your corner with unflinching support.

Salih Kulucan

MMA Coach

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Jack Tyley

10th Planet Coach

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Mel Bennardo

Yoga Instructor

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Mel first stepped on to a mat 10 years ago while travelling through India and since then it has been something he has always turned to when in need of movement and exploration of his body. In the last three years he has dedicated himself to his practice building a wealth of knowledge around the body, how it works and ways to tease it into more flexibility and more strength. He loves a slow and strong class where people have time to experience what is going on. Although his classes often start quite slow paced and relatively relaxed you quite quickly notice how much you are pushing your strength and flexibility as well as general mobility around joints. Mel himself practices a number of movement practices; he swims regularly, yoga regularly, jiu jitsu, calisthenics, martial arts and he is still exploring. In Mel’s classes you can expect to get a deep stretch while learning a lot about how your body can move. You’ll also play with different breathing techniques that will help to stabilise and strengthen your movement practice and you’ll get to explore strength in ways you never thought could be defined as ‘strong’. You’ll also laugh a lot because Mel doesn’t often know how to stay too serious.

Stefan Petrov

Wrestling Coach

Stefan has attained National titles in Bulgaria in the following disciplines: Judo Sambo Combat sambo MMA He also achieved 3rd place from European Championship Combat Sambo and 7th place from World Championship in Combat Sambo in 2011. He is also an international medallist in judo, sambo and MMA. He is currently unbeaten in MMA with a 11-0 record